Big bang SDLC model


The Big Bang model of SDLC has no certain technique for working on software development project. A project may start with just a basic amount of money and resources to begin with. Big bang model of working involves least planning and no such formal method is followed. This kind of model is adopted in cases where the customer is not sure about his wants and the requirements are not analysed that well.

big bang sdlc model

The requirements in this model are understood and implemented as and when they start coming. The focus primarily remains in writing code and delivering the final product. For reasons like no planning and analysis, this model tends to be much riskier than other models.

Design of Big Bang model:

A Big bang model is comparatively a very simple model. This model emphasises testing of modules as and when they are ready. Modules are integrated and test cases are executed to see whether there is any presence of defect. So let us summarise the design of Big bang model as follows:

  • In this approach, modules are integrated only when all or at least a portion of each module is ready, and not individually.
  • Modules are individually run to see if failure occurs at individual level.
  • If in case a bug is caught at integration level then that module is detached to find the root cause of the problem.

Advantages of Big Bang Integration:

  • A very simple model to implement, hence there’s no such need to formal planning.
  • Least planning is required in big bang model.
  • Very limited resources are required, therefore not much expense need to be incurred for this.
  • Developers have full flexibility in applying their ideas or opinions.
  • Managing modules isn’t much tough.

Disadvantages of Big Bang Integration:

  • This model is not suitable for object oriented objects that are generally complex in nature.
  • If requirements are not understood well, then it may prove to be quite expensive.
  • Big bang model is not at all suitable for projects that are lengthy in nature.
  • Higher level of risk and complexity is involved in this model as no formal method is followed.


Hence we get an idea that this model is not suitable for large projects which inherently involves a lot of complexities. Although not a widely used model, it can be used for projects that is less complicated in nature and people involved in the project are well versed with the technology or programming language that would be used to develop the application.

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