Mobile App Testing

Mobile App testing
Once a mobile app is designed, it's thought that it is ready to release. Well, hold on, one of the most vital steps has been missed. This is where mobile app testing plays its role to make it error free and of best quality before it reaches the end customer.

What is Mobile App Testing?

Mobile apps are designed either professionally or for a specific purpose, but in both the conditions, it is necessary that it is tested effectively before release. Mobile app testing is basically a procedure that involves catching up all the functionality and performance issues of the mobile app before it reaches out to the end customer. The app's functionality, usability and consistency are tested across various notions to ensure its effectiveness. Any of the mobile application that is up for testing may come in two forms i.e. either it may come pre-installed or even may come installed from the mobile software distribution platform. There are different kinds of mobile apps. We give below a brief description of some of them:

  1. Native app:

    A native app is a Smartphone app that is developed specifically for one particular platform. Installed through an app store, the native app also can also make use of some of the phone's inherent features such as camera or compass. They can be used offline also. Eg: mobile games

  2. Mobile Web App:

    These are websites tailored for use on a mobile device. They appear and feel similar to native apps but are not implemented in the same way. They are run by a browser.

  3. Hybrid app:

    This kind of app has compatibility over different platforms and also has access of use over the phone's hardware

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    What are the different types of Mobile App Testing?

    Mobile app testing is not just a small but rather a larger procedure that involves various sub-steps that are mentioned herein.

    • Installation Testing: This accounts to the initial stage of testing, which is user friendly and consumes less time during the application installation.
    • Functional Testing: After the installation, it is very much important to know whether the application is functioning properly or not.
    • Performance Testing: It is necessary to know about the performance and load that an application can take while performing.
    • Power Consumption Testing: As it is a mobile application, it is very important to know the consumption of mobile battery while the application is running.
    • Interrupt Testing: It is necessary to see that there are no interruptions in the way while the application is running. These interruptions may include SMS or MMS, phone calls, network not found, push notification etc.
    • Usability Testing: Last but not the least is the usability testing wherein the application must satisfy all the user requirements.
    • Compatibility testing: This is done to test the compatibility of the app over different operating system versions.
    • Operational testing: This test is done to test the efficacy of backup and recovery planning capabilities of the web app in the event of data loss due to interruptions incurred on account of battery or device shutdown.
    • Service testing: This test is done to check the working of the app while working under different networks with varying bandwidth such as 2G, 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

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    What are the Benefits of Mobile App Testing?

    Mobile app testing offers numerous benefits both to the programmers as well as the users, some of which are as follows.

    • Error free and high quality mobile applications for the end users.
    • Ease to the programmers as testing allows fixing errors in the first place itself.
    • Less time is consumed thereafter, as testing is done effectively previously.

    So indeed mobile app testing ensures the longevity of your application and the much needed quality of working also. It does work easier for both the programmers as well as the users. Read our next article on mobile app testing here.

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