Comparison Testing

What is meant by the term "Comparison Testing"?

It is a type of testing technique, which involves the comparison of the developed software product with those, which are available in the Market. This type of testing focuses and measures the strength and weakness of the software product, with reference to other software products of similar category, readily available in the Market.

What's the need for this type of testing?

This type of testing is useful for measuring the quality of the software, with respect to what is presently trending in the market. This helps in predicting the scope and future of the developed software product after its market release.

It is necessary, that the software product being developed should be able to compete with its existing counterparts so as to survive in the market. Accordingly, based on the results extracted from comparison testing the development team may or may not bring changes in the software so as to make it profitable after its release.

Things to compare in Comparison Testing?

Basically, a functionality and non-functionality criterion such as operability, usability, install-ability, compatibility, etc. is being considered for the comparison testing. However, the list may be extended with the inclusion of the following aspects

  • Design
  • Database system
  • Architecture
  • Storage
  • Processing speed
  • Complexities
  • Supported Hardware or Software
  • Operational time

Key Points

  • Involves comparison of the developed software with the existing software in the market.
  • This testing helps us in determining the Market profitability of the software product.
  • Enables the developers to identify the missing requirements and modify the software product, accordingly, as per the current market situation and demand to come out as the best product among its competitors.
  • However, bringing changes in the fully developed software product is a complex and tedious task.

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