What's Efficiency Testing all about?

Efficiency Testing
The word efficiency means the "competence" or productive use of resources." Here, the efficiency testing tests the number of test cases performed by the unit of time (per hour or person a day). This test is to test the measure of code and testing assets necessary by a system to accomplish a particular function.

Few formulas are set for calculating the "Test Efficiency." These formulas are meant for various levels.

  • Test Efficiency = (total number of defects found in unit + integration + system testing) / (total number of defects found in unit + integration + system + user acceptance testing)
  • Testing Efficiency = (no. of defects Resolved / Total no. of defects submitted) * 100

Example: A login page for testing- make a long list with user-names and passwords (that may be possible). Set them for a quick login, for an automated test. Populate the list with SQL with the insertion of different punctuations and irregular capitalization. Every test will work so fast that a tester can do a test with more data than the manually.

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Measure the Efficiency of Testing

To measure the efficiency of the testing process, there is helpful way –"Test Metrics". Measuring the efficiency of testing is very essential when an association outsources testing and might want to discover how well their speculation has been working out. Examine the right metrics will uncover the ideas on how to enhance the process of working and methodologies will do better working.

Most commonly used Testing Efficiency Metrics:

This includes:

  • The quantity of bugs found.
  • Coverage percentage in functional testing.
  • The quantity of bugs found in the numerous phases of development.
  • The quantity of automated written test cases.

Here are few of Focused areas:

  • Resources.
  • Tools.
  • People.
  • Process.
  • Time.

Following three aspects have been covered in "test efficiency."

  • At what level, the client's necessities are being fulfilled by the system.
  • How well the client specifications are accomplished by the system.
  • Also, verify the level of efforts putting in developing the system.

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Best Metric to Measure the Software Efficiency:

The tester can build his own technique that can be knowledge based, base on analyzing the questions, tests, and choose the very corrective technique – is the best way to get the best metric to measure the efficiency test. The main purpose is to represent bug-free software to the customer.

Test Efficiency is ascribing which intends to boost the output for an already given input by reducing losses and any wastage. Efficiency test is all about test execution, test planning, test cases creation, review, defect tracking, execution and closure. It consist numerous calculations at each and every phase of testing. Efficiency in testing is only accomplished when you ask the right question and uses the very corrective technique to get the answer.

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