What does Exploratory Testing Means?

Exploratory Testing The word exploratory testing refers to a technique of testing an application without any preparation or particular schedule. This test is formal testing where a skilled tester performs the investigation of bugs or errors. A tester has to identify the functionality of the application, whether it works properly or not, consequently applies his/her skill and ability for exploring the application and set the test scenarios for the higher execution as well. The best result of testing will be accompanied only if the tester knows more about the product and knows the different approaches to testing. It is a vital part of software testing and allows freedom to a tester for work.

Usage of Exploratory Testing:

When to use the exploratory testing? Well, exploratory testing can be fit anywhere and can be used in various situations, some of are:

  • When to learn about the product.
  • When to find the important/isolate bug in a short period of time.
  • When to check the work of another tester.
  • When to finish the application of testing early.
  • When to use as a substitute for scripted tests are required.
  • When to enhance results of existing tests.

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  • No need of preparation required for the testing due to no documentation.
  • Important/Critical bugs may found faster.
  • Test designing, execution of the test and the interpretation of test results- all tasks have been performed simultaneously which saves the times a lot.
  • Reveal bugs which are typically overlooked by other testing procedures.
  • Supports imagination and instinct.
  • An era of new thoughts amid test execution.


  • Performance of the tests can't be reviewed.
  • Remembering the test scenario in an exact manner, unlike if any new error or bug has been found, the particular instruction of the test will be feasible to find out the difficulty for the newly founded error or bug.
  • Dependable on the tester's skill and the knowledge of the tester.

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Needs and Challenges during Exploratory Testing:

  • A basic purpose of testing should be clear in testers mind.
  • Documentation of each test is must, what, why and outcome of the test.
  • Constant monitor on "risks, question or queries raised during the test, risks, and so on".
  • Execution of all the documentation is quite challenging.
  • Repetitive failure may cause difficulty level.

Exploratory testing is a "thinking and creative "activity where the process of test design and execution of test has been performed simultaneously. This technique is smarter in finding errors in less time. It gives freedom to the tester to work with learning, discovery during the test.

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