Functional Testing Checklist

What is Functional Testing?

Functional Testing is an imperative and elementary process of software testing, which is carried out in the direction of evaluating a software application and validating its functionalities against the specified functional specifications and requirements.

Need of Functional Testing Checklist:

Although, the existence of test strategy, test plans, test cases and other similar things is sufficient to perform adequate and efficient functional testing, but still the incorporation of checklist in the process will knock out the possibility of any sort of compromise with the functional testing activities and subsequently with the software quality.

The Functional Testing Checklist comprises of pre-requisites, activities and resources, etc. in a sequential and guided manner to cover up the need of fulfilling the functional requirements from all possible dimensions. Let's go through a general and standard Functional Testing Checklist to ensure fruitful and effective functional testing results.

Functional Testing Checklist:

  • Identifying and describing the scope, objective and goals for the testing.
  • Studying & analyzing the functional requirements, based on which strategy, test plans and test cases needs to be sort out.
  • Determining and adopting the best approaches, methods and practices to provide maximum functional coverage as functional testing is equipped with good number of testing techniques, near about 8 to take care of every aspect of a software application from each different perspective. These are
  • Identifying and procuring the suitable testing tools which may consists of following tasks:
    • Identifying the need of test management tool and subsequently the identified tool also.
    • Selecting the defect tracking and performance tools.
    • Determining the need to customize the tool.
    • How easy or difficult it will be to impart training to testers on these tools?
  • Unique and diverse test data is identified and gathered. This may include usage of already existing test data, useful in carrying out the functional testing of a particular software application or may import relevant test data from the production environment.
  • Identifying any pre-decided condition or stipulation with respect to functional features of a software application.
  • Identifying any sort of need required through external software or system.

Functional Testing Checklist Infographics:

functional testing checklist Infographics

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