Software Quality

Software Quality
Software quality is essential part of software engineering in which necessary testing are performed in order to detect a bug or defect in the package based on functional specifications and requirements. According to ISO standard 8402-1986, software quality standards are defined as necessary features and products that are able to satisfy the required needs.

Key aspects of Software quality design

Software quality involves in-depth analysis and testing on defined parameters in order to achieve best quality package/product. There are certain key aspects related to design of software that helps in ensuring that desired quality is achieved. Some of the aspects are defined below.

Better design and functionality

It is important for any software package to ensure that looks, style and functionality is intact so that required performance could be achieved. The application should be able to achieve required specifications and must be user friendly as well so that customers are always having best style and looks with right combinations of specifications. Just like software design look is important, at the same time it is important for the design should not deviate from the expected result.

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Reliability and consistency

Any software package that needs to be tested should be within acceptable levels so that it doesn't fail or breakdown under any circumstances. Reliability could be tested by checking software package quality under different dimensions and conditions. Various test parameters could be constructed and simulations could be carried out on those parameters to check package reliability under different test conditions. It is also important to ensure that the consistency is also achieved from the built design. Consistency is a key aspect of any design in order to ensure its compatibility with the range of applications and products. Single software could be designed to support cross platforms and applications. This is also commonly known as multi-dimensional support.

Durability and dimensioning

It is important to ensure that the software package should be durable and lasts for a long time so that value for money could be achieved. Make sure that package is also having well after sales service as well. Some of the software could be durable up to certain limit of usage. Required durability can be achieved by mentioning the test simulation parameter results and limiting the points under set dimensioning guidelines. These guidelines could be made standard and can be documented as well so that customers buying the package can be informed about the package durability. For example, certain database and applications are able to hold xyz amount of records as per dimensioning tests and if the records are above the limit then indifferent behavior could be possible. Therefore customer buying the product could be aware about what the prescribed limits for this package.

Good after sales service

Whenever any product or package is sold to customers then it is important to provide maintenance to customers as well. After sales service plays a key role in making sure that software package is tested and also helps in keeping the customers satisfied and happy about the product. In such circumstances, even the products could be tested for after sales and if any bug or error is found in the live customer environment then necessary changes can be made so as to give the best product to customers. The main aim of testing and analyzing software quality of any application or product is to provide best product to customers.

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Value for money

Delivering value for money products is becoming extremely important for IT companies. If any package is tested in required specifications then it is important to check how it is expected to work under different conditions.


Whenever any product is tested, security is also featured as a key aspect of software package quality since the product needs to be deployed in live environment and should be protected from any malware or virus attacks. Required tests can be performed to check its security in different conditions.

In order to provide best software quality, necessary testing and analysis or product needs to be conducted.

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