Test Environment Checklist

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What is Test Environment?

A test environment acts as a resource for the execution of the test cases on a software product. It fulfils all the pre-requisite needed in the test execution such as hardware and software requirement, tools and frameworks, system and devices, etc. It is mainly created to simulate the real world environment to test the functioning, behaviour and response of a software application in the real world conditions and factors.

Checklist for Test Environment:

A properly set up and well equipped test environment ensures the good productivity of the testing process. Thus, we are listing out some of the important elements, key aspects in the checklist format, which may be considered and used, while setting up the test environment.

Hardware Requirements

hardware requirements

  • If the required hardware is available with the organization?
  • If not, then procure them.
  • Calculating the time and cost in their procurement.
  • Installing them.
  • Testing them.
  • Assessing the need for the peripheral devices.
Software Requirements

software requirements

  • If the required Software is available with the organization?
  • If not, then purchase them.
  • Calculating the time and cost in their procurement.
  • Installing them.
  • Testing them.
  • If the already existing software is compatible with the testing environment.
Data Items

data items

  • If the standard test data is available or not?
  • Does data for the test, needs to be imported from the production site or needs to be created.
  • If the data is required in the initial phase or may be introduced at a later stage.


  • Test Management tool, its need, and its scope in the test environment.
  • Defect Reporting Tools.
  • De-bugging Tools.
  • Other sorts of Testing Tools.


  • Defining Standards.
  • If the developed plans and strategies is compatible for its execution in the test environment
  • Identifying and creating the required libraries.
  • Scheduling the test process, so that all the testers can perform.


  • Is it possible to carry out isolated testing by each testers in the similar test environment?
  • Feasibility study of bringing the changes in the test environment.
  • Creating backups and recovery system.
  • Creating the list of all the members participating in the test environment, along with their contacts.

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The above given checklist is just an overview, which provides and reminds the testing team about the necessary things, required for successfully setting up the test environment. However, depending upon the requirements and necessity, this checklist may be modified, accordingly.


Test Environment Checklist as a documented artifact ensures the testing team that all the pre-requisites required for setting up the test environment have been completed and nothing has been left to consider and implement. This ensures the successful set up of the expected test environment to carry out efficient and effective execution of the testing activities.

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