Test Plan Document

Test Plan Document
One of the most important tasks that need to be completed before any type of testing can begin is the preparation of a Test plan. Usually, Software Testing Life Cycle is divided into three phases, namely – planning, design, and execution. In this article, we shall cover the topic Test Plan Document.

What Is A Test Plan Document?

Test Plan document is a blueprint of how the process of testing will move forward. It is a book of rules that lays down the guidelines for testing of software.

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Benefits Of Test Plan Document

The various benefits of a Test Plan Document have been enumerated below:

  • Everything Is Written To Avoid Confusion
  • Allows For Time and Resource Management
  • Helps Stakeholders Understand Testing Better
  • Deadlines Are Set

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How Is Test Plan Document Made

  • Analyze The Software – the starting point is the analysis of the software because once the product is known completely only then its testing can begin. Here the analysis includes finding out who all are the target customers, what exactly the software is going to do etc.
  • Testing Strategy – in this stage a high-level test strategy document is prepared by the person in-charge of all testing. This document defines the scope of testing and it also determines the types of tests that need to be conducted. Lastly, it mentions all the associated risks along with assigning people for conducting the tests.
  • Define The Objectives – the objective of testing has to be clearly stated so that everybody is on the same platform. The usual objective is to make the software free of as many defects as possible, check that it is easy to use by the customers and ensure that it performs just as desired.
  • Test Plan Environment – test plan is the expected environment in which the business will interact with the end-user through the developed software. So, a detailed description of the expected test environment also finds its way into the Test Plan Document. Based on this description, the testers can judge the user's response under real conditions.
  • Resource Planning – resource planning refers to the planning for the number of people required for testing, expected man hours that will be spent on testing, etc. The human resources required are usually the test developers, test administrators, testers, SQA team and the test manager.
  • Defining The Criteria For Test – the test procedure needs to be based on a standard rule, this standard is known as the test criteria. There are two usual criteria's that are followed during testing. These being suspension criteria and exit criteria. The Test Plan Document has to clearly state the criteria that they plan to follow.
  • Setting Controls – finally controls have to be set in the form of deadlines. This is achieved by scheduling tests at a fixed time and estimating the time that will go into its completion. These schedules and estimations are also a part of the Test Plan document.
  • Test Deliverables – finally a Test Plan Document mentions all the tools that need to be developed to assist in testing along with the reports that have to be maintained.

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A Test Plan Document mentions in detail the objective of testing along with other core information like the internal beta team, target market, hardware and resource requirements etc. In all this important document sets up guidelines that have to be followed during the complete testing phase.

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