What is a Testware?

A Testware may be seen as a sub set of the software, used for the purpose of carrying out the task of software testing. Basically, a testware contains all sorts of material or resources(excluding testers) needed and used during the software testing process. It's preferred used may be seen in the automation testing process.

Generally, it includes the test artifacts such as test strategy & design, test plan, test suite, documentation, scripts, reports, scenarios, desired and actual outcomes etc., used during the testing of a software product and may also comprise of any additional software application or utilities, file, database, test environment being used during the process.

As already told that a testware is a sub set of a software, but still, it's need over a general software lies in the fact that

  • It is used for different purpose.
  • It consists of different varieties of quality metrics; and
  • It is especially developed for different users.

Who develops testware?

As the term 'testware' encompasses all the things required during the testing process, generally, the test engineers or the testing team is accountable for developing these testware.

Sometimes, also referred to as testing tool, a testware should be developed according to the software product, which needs to be developed. Further, a testware is generated from the verification and validation testing methods, which may include following types:

  • Reviews
  • Inspections
  • Walkthroughs
  • Meetings
  • Black-Box testing
  • White-Box testing
  • Grey-Box testing
  • Acceptance testing

As stated earlier that testware is similar to software, although used for different purpose, it is preferred that they should be kept, controlled and maintained under the configuration management system.

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In view of the above, it may be stated that a testware is an umbrella term, which provides the exhaustive list of various materials and objects, needed to support and carry out the testing process.

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