Use Case Vs Test Case

The process of carrying out the development of the software product, necessitates the proper documentation. These documented objects, includes two significant types of documented artifacts, Use Case and Test Case.

Use Case is a type of document, which is prepared, to visualize the behaviour of the software product, to execute the tasks, based on variant types of user-scenarios, using possible and multiple paths. On the other hand, test case is an important part of the test documentation, which is created, on the basis of functional and business requirements, in order to execute them on the software product, to validate, its desired and proper working.

Below given, are few points, which differentiate the use case from the test case.

SNO. Use Case Test Case
1. It is used to capture and document the software's working, to execute a particular process, through various possible paths. Part of the test documentation, which covers the possible scenarios for each software's functionality, to perform the testing activity.
2. The purpose behind the preparation of the use case, is to visualize the possible series of steps, for each functionality, to reach or abandons its goal. In addition, it helps in determining the users expectation from the software product. The necessary need behind the preparation of the test cases, is to cover all types of requirements, so as to validate the accurate and expected functioning of the software product.
3. It is not meant for the execution. It is designed and prepared, for the purpose of execution, on the software product.
4. It is based on customer requirements and users view to deal with the software functionality. It is based on the functional requirements and SRS.
5. It helps in preventing the error or defect generation in the software product. It enables to track and remove defects from the software product.
6. It does not the covers the software functionalities and requirements, in detail. Proper and thorough coverage of the functionalities and the requirements is a must requirement, to prepare effective test cases.
7. Derived from the Business requirement specifications(BRS). Derived from the use case.
8. It may works as a base for preparing the test cases. Test cases has no use in the preparation of the use case.
9. Generally, business analysts are involved in its preparation. It is specifically designed and prepared by the test team or testing engineer.
10. Depicts the workflow of the sequential steps, in the software application. Involves the specified input data, and its corresponding, desired outcomes.
11. Use case provides inputs to the developers. Test cases acts as the input, to be used by the testers, for the testing purpose.

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