Web Accessibility Testing Tools

What is Web Accessibility Testing?

Web Accessibility testing is a subdivision of usability testing to ensure that the application and other essential tools should be accessible for everyone, especially for the people who have different kind of disabilities (PwDs). Also, the web applications and tools should be accessible for old-age people. There are some major components which needs to be tested such as speech recognition, screen magnifier, screen reader and special keyword.

Web Accessibility Testing Tools

For better implementation, many technological experts suggested that usage of tools makes process faster and efficient. In this context, to perform accessibility testing for a web application or any website, it is important to go with the web accessibility testing tools.

Below, we are going to uncover a list of tools aiding testers in performing web accessibility testing of the software application or the system:

  • AChecker: It is an open source accessibility testing tool in which user can easily paste a URL or upload a web page link in the box and you can easily find your website assessment results after evaluation. But it is required that you must first properly read the basic instructions to perform any operation.
  • Accessibility Valet: This tool allows you to validate web pages under section 508 or W3C Guidelines. URL is pasted inside the box to validate its attributes which is free for only one time usage, then afterwards you have to subscribe for getting access to the complete functionalities of this accessibility testing tool.
  • WAVE: WAVE is developed by WebAIM and is available in the market as an online tool and a plug-in for Firefox. It produces actual report and also suggested repair options. Rather than producing a complex technical report, it displays the original webpage with some embedded icons and indicators that shows the accessibility information within the page.
  • ACTF aDesigner: This is an extension which is freely available as Eclipse development platform. It tests visual factors which are impaired or mismatched. Mainly, the developers test the website’s visibility and readability for blind people or people having low-vision. Supports Windows 7 and above versions.
  • Contrast Analyser: Choosing the best background and foreground colour for your website to ensure readability factors is a difficult task to execute. Colour contrast is the most essential factor when it comes to appearance and visual information. Contrast Analyser helps to determine the suitable colour for your website with better saturation.
  • Cynthia Says: It's a web accessibility validation solution and is designed to identify the errors in your content, one page at a time, which falls under section 508 Standard or WCAG Compliance. It's a free tool and mainly used for educational purposes.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Accessibility: A tool for the designers who uses Dreamweaver CS4. Now, you can easily go through with the option to perform test of web application and get a complete report errors and simplify things in just a small span of time.
  • IBM Rational Policy Tester Accessibility Edition: This is the only tool which supplies a complete solution for Windows to accessibility. It is a paid tool but available at cheap rates with proper IBM branding.
  • Tenon Tester: It is a single page analyser for generating accessibility issues. It also has an interactive user-interface to produce results in the form of graphs and specific lines of code with errors that creates a difference, compared to other tools.
  • 508 Checker: This tool is developed by Formstack. With this tool you can easily check a webpage and also know about how to become a 508 compliant across the organization or a company.


Websites or a web-based platform needs a better accessibility to meet quality goals whether we talk about design or colour. To achieve extensive outcome, these above mentioned web accessibility tools helps you to produce required results and increases accessibility over the web applications.

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