White Box Testing Tools

A software application may be tested either internally or externally. The concept of testing the internal structure and evaluating the external behaviour of the application corresponds to the white box testing and black box testing respectively.

However, in white box testing of an application, a tester needs to go through the internal structure of the application, consisting of following objects:

  • Programming code
  • Loops
  • Statement
  • Branches
  • Decision
  • Path
  • Data flow
  • Control flow

Although, usability testing may be carried out manually, by involving small group of people, to use and evaluate the usability features of a product. But when, it comes to test the project of a large size, it requires good amount of usability tests and efforts, and thereby, demands the involvement of specific testing tools, namely usability testing tools. Further, it also ensures the effectiveness of the testing.

Hers our List of White Box Testing Tools:



  • It's a unit testing tool and framework written in C++ for the C++ functions and licensed under LGPL.
  • CppUnit framework runs the tests in the test suites.
  • Provides the ease to create unit tests with the class itself.
  • Equipped with the macros to support asserts, handling floats and other utilities.
  • Output of the tool for the automated test cases may be used either in XML or in text format.


  • A simple and powerful tool and framework to support automated tests in C++ language.
  • It is an open source tool & framework licensed under GNPL.
  • Test Cases are designed, created and executed within the test suites.
  • Provides the ease to create unit tests with the class itself.
  • Emphasize on the usability and extendability traits.
  • Equipped with macros to support asserts, handling floats and other utilities.
  • Provides advantage of customizing the output.

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  • An open source unit testing tool & framework to support test automation in java language.
  • Provides fixtures, test suites, test runners and Junit classes.
  • Gets easily integrated with the eclipse, Maven, ACT.
  • Able to support Test Driven Development.
  • Synchronizes the existing tests with the newly created tests.
  • Provides the Test Coverage report.


  • A Unit Testing framework for client sided javascript, within the browser.
  • Available as an open source, it is a port of JUnit to javascript.
  • Supports multiple browsers and operating systems for automating the execution of the test cases.



  • A unit testing framework written in C# language to support all .Net languages and available as an open source under MIT license.
  • A derivative of well know testing framework, namely Extreme programming (XP).
  • Parallel and concurrent execution of the tests.
  • Provides strong support for the data driven tests.
  • It functions by providing class framework and test runner application.
  • Easy to use and the tests can be run continuously and repetitively.
  • Does not require the participation of the tester or any other professionals to judge and interpret the results of the test.


  • An open source tool to support unit testing for the .Net framework.
  • Targets the test driven development using .Net supported languages such as C#, VB.Net.
  • Supports refactoring practice and other sorts of practices used in the agile development approach.

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white box testing tools
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