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Nowadays, there is an abundance of automated tools in the software industry, which simplify the process of software testing and make it agile and cost effective. These tools offer various benefits to the testers and enable them to validate the quality of the software product. Likewise, the process of "dynamic testing" is also implemented with the assistance of automated testing tools, which enables the team to ensure functionality of the product.Therefore, to help you get the best tools in the industry, following are some important as well as popular "dynamic testing tools".

A Quick Glance at Dynamic Testing:

Software testing encompasses various "software testing techniques". Dynamic testing is one of these techniques, which is used to validate the functionality of the software product before and after its implementation. Performed after code deployment, this type of testing involves execution of the program code and is usually conducted during the later stages of "software development life cycle (SDLC)", either manually or with the aid of automated tools.

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Understand more about dynamic testing to cross another milestone of software testing.

List of Popular Dynamic Testing Tools:

Since the number of tools available in the market for dynamic testing are uncountable, it becomes crucial for us to identify the best and popular tools that can help us achieve our goals of testing rapidly and efficiently. Hence, to simplify this search for you, here is a list of popular dynamic testing tools:

  1. AddressSanitizer:
    • An important dynamic testing/analysis tool, AddressSanitizer is also known as ASan.
    • It is an effective memory error detector for C/C++ that helps find stack buffer overflow, global buffer overflow, heap buffer overflow, memory leaks, initialization of order bugs, among others.
    • It is a fast tool that consists of a compiler instrumentation module as well as a runtime library, which replaces malloc function.
  2. BoundsChecker:
    • A part of MicroFocus’ DevPartner, BoundsChecker offers assistance in automatically detecting defects in the software code, identifying memory leaks, as well as performance bottlenecks.
    • It is find the source of application instability, like heap and stack corruption, overruns, and API overuse.
    • BoundsChecker finds memory errors in Windows based applications.
  3. Daikon:
    • Diacon is an open source dynamic testing tool that detects likely invariants of a program.
    • It can be used to detect invariants in C, C++, Java, Perl programs, and more.
    • The biggest advantage of this tool is that it is easily extendable to other applications.
  4. IBM Security AppScan:
    • IBM’s AppScan offers remarkable security to web and mobile applications by performing intensive "static testing" and dynamic testing.
    • It identifies security risks, generates reports and takes necessary measures to fix the vulnerabilities.
    • With this dynamic testing tool you can reduce the probability of application attacks and get effective application security solutions on Cloud.
  5. Droidbox:
    • Developed to perform dynamic assessment on a Android application, Droidbox was first designed and introduced into the world by Patrik Lantz as part of GSoc 2011.
    • It helps identify incoming and outgoing network data, information leaks vis the network, cryptographic operations performed using Android API, etc.
  6. Process Explorer:
    • This dynamic testing tool, created by Winternals Software, is a freeware task manager and system monitor for Microsoft Windows.
    • It offers various features like the ability to raise window attached to a process, suspend selected process, display an icon and company name of each process, among other things.
    • Moreover, the unique capabilities of Process Explorer helps track DLL version problems or to handle leaks.
  7. Intel Inspector:
    • Successor of Intel Thread Checker, Intel Inspector is an effective dynamic testing tools that offer services for memory and thread debugger.
    • With the assistance of this tool the team can check the reliability, security, and accuracy of the product, while saving time and money.
    • It perform dynamic analysis to find and debug intermittent and non-deterministic errors.
  8. PANDA:
    • This is an open source platform for architecture neutral dynamic analysis.
    • Built upon the QEMU whole system emulator, PANDA has the ability to record and replay executions, which further promote iterative and thorough system analysis.
    • It can have a single dynamic taint analysis, that can support any CPU.
  9. Cuckoo SandBox:
    • Cuckoo Sandbox is a leading open source automated malware analysis system.
    • It performs advanced dynamic and memory analysis of the infected virtualized system through Volatility and helps trace API calls and general behavior of the file and system.
    • Cuckoo SandBox can easily integrate into your existing framework and backend in the way you want as well as the format you want.
  10. Parasoft JTest:
    • Parasoft JTest is an important tool that accelerates the delivery of reliable and secure Java applications. It minimizes risks introduced in the software code and provides comprehensive analysis, guidance, and tools for the same.
    • From conducting static analysis and security testing to coverage analysis and traceability, this tools can be used for all important tasks.
    • It helps identify and fix code defects, while performing complete path analysis for accurate violation detection.
  11. ValGrind:
    • An open source software, ValGrind is freely available under the GNU General Public License, version 2.
    • It is a vital intrumation framework for building dynamic analysis tools, such as memory error detector, two thread detectors, cache and branch prediction profiler, among others.
    • ValGrind has the capability to run on various platforms, like X86/Linux, X86/Darwin, AMD64/Linux, S390/Linux, ARM64/Android, etc.
  12. Procmon:
    • Procmon or as it is commonly known, Process Monitor is an advanced tool for Windows that monitors and displays real time file system, registry and processes or threads.
    • It is a free tools from Windows Sysinternals that includes monitoring and filtering capabilities.
    • Moreover, it displays how applications use files and DLLs, detects critical errors and defects in the system files, captures thread stacks for each operation, among other things.
  13. CIRCL Dynamic Malware Analysis Platform (DMA):
    • A platform operated by CIRCL, Dynamic Malware Analysis Platform (DMA) allows the analysis of potential malicious software or suspicious documents in a secure and virtualized environment.
    • Users can upload suspicious software or document with the assistance of a web interface and select a specific target audience.
    • At the end, a report is provided with complete dynamic analysis, memory analysis, and other important and additional information.
  14. TotalHash:
    • Another important dynamic testing tool, TotalHash provides effective static and dynamic analysis.
    • It offers free services and data for non-commercial use.
    • You can effortlessly identify the static and dynamic characteristics of your sample by simply running it through their ‘Search’, which is can be freely accessed on the TotalHash website.


The introduction of agile and robust automated tools has revolutionized the realm of software testing. The software testing tools not just simplify the process, but also increase its credibility. The team of testers can efficiently test a software product and validate its performance, quality, among other important aspects, with the assistance of these tools.

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