Types of Reviews in Software Testing

"A software review is a process or meeting during which a software product is examined by a project personnel, users, computers, user representatives, or other interested parties for comment or approval."

It is very clear from the above definition that a software review is as essential as software testing. A software review has its own significance as it provides a better view on the developed software. It requires a team that can provide insights of the build software.

In the review, various things come to surface such as future casualties, technical content, quality, specifications of the software, etc. This deep overview of a software gives an idea that how will the software run and is shortcomings that are likely to occur in the near future. It also provides an idea that this software is even worth launching. Sometimes, the software has fewer benefits and greater number of disadvantages falling, in this condition the software is discarded or a better development of better software is proposed.

The value of the software is defined by the reviews. The qualified team looks over the software as per the guidelines provided to them. The specifications and standards are kept in mind while reviewing build software. It is a healthy form of discussion between the people who are in direct developers of the authors as well as the staff associated.

Types of Review in Software Testing

There are mainly Three Types of Reviews in a Software Testing.

  1. Software Peer Reviews:

    This type of review is conducted by the main author of the software, or it can be between the colleagues so that the evaluation can be done of the technical content or quality of the work. A discussion is always a solution for a software analysis. Aforementioned, it always provides a deeper insight of the software shortcomings and also its benefits. If the software shortcoming weigh higher than benefits, the software goes in testing mode again and it rectified as required.

  2. Different types of Software Peer Reviews are there which are enumerated below:

    • Code Review:The source code of the software is examined here. The software is checked for the bugs and the bugs are removed from the code.
    • Pair programming:It is also a type of code review involving two people. The two people develop a code together at the same workstation.
    • Inspection:It is a formal type of review where a person has to go through a defined set of instructions in order to find defect/defects. There can be a number of reviewers involved in this type of reviewing.
    • Walkthrough:This is a process where the authors of the software as well as other associates are gathered at one place and they discuss about the software defects. Questions are made, comments are given, answers are given to all the queries people have regarding the software. With all the members' satisfaction, conclusions are made.
    • Technical review:This is the team of qualified personnel examines the suitability of the software product for its intended discrepancies from the specification and standards point of view.
  3. Software Management Reviews:

    The management representatives are responsible for this type of review. The status of the work is evaluated and the decision by the activities of the software. This review is very important in making a decision regarding software.

  4. Software Audit Reviews:

    These are conducted by the personnel outside of the software project. They evaluate the software with specifications, standards, and other criteria.

    All the reviews are important to make software run successfully. Formal code reviews require a huge amount of investment of the time and the preparation of the review. Internal disputes also may carry leverage on these reviews. It is a time taking process and it may not be that accurate.

There are certain guidelines that a person has to follow to perform a perfect review on build software.

  • Defect Prevention is the main goal of the software as well as look out for the functionality of the software.
  • Review of the requirement specifications should be done carefully so as to evaluate the software as per required.
  • The list should be clarified.
  • Correctness, portability, security and maintainability should be checked in build software.

Types of Software Review Infographics

With this, the review of a software ends. This is the proper summary of the software review.

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